The Bull Which Eats Grass

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Psalm 106:20

They exchanged their glorious God for an image of a bull, which eats grass.


King David looked back on the rebellion of his people, Israel, while in the wilderness. Here he references the time Israel had pooled their gold jewelry together in order for Aaron the brother of Moses to make a golden calf. Then in a metaphorical way, he said they exchanged their worship of the Almighty God of the universe for an image of “A Bull Which Eats Grass.”


Certainly, St. Paul had access to King David’s writings and this passage sure sounds like Paul’s indictment against sinful humanity in Romans 1:23. Of course, the harmony of scripture is due to our precious Holy Spirit. The truth is since the earliest times of human creation men and women have tried to put a face on the Almighty. They carved Him from a piece of wood. They chiseled Him from a piece of stone. They even tried to draw Him on walls in order to look at Him when they worshipped. Here’s the problem with anything manmade. If a man or woman can make it, the thing made becomes subject to the person who made it. God will not be bridled by humankind. He is God all by Himself. We are either His subjects or we are rebels against Him. When people rebel against the Almighty, history shows that in no time at all, worshipping “A Bull That East Grass” seems reasonable.


Dear Jesus,

This AM I’m reminded of Your words in the book of John, where You said, “God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.” I’m blessed to reach my faith to You today and worship You, my God. Amen

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Yanick L. Lacroix
Yanick L. Lacroix
1 year ago

Amen, I have been learning in depth about the Holy Spirit who gives me the understanding of the scriptures. Your devotion is in line with my thoughts and my reflections! Thank you, Pastor Rich, for praying with me!

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