The AUTHOR Of Life

S. O. A. P.

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Acts 3:15

You killed the author of life, but God raised him from the dead. We are witnesses of this.


Peter and John had just healed the lame man at the gate of the temple. As they were walking together, people ran toward them and Peter began to preach. He told them, “The very one who healed this man was killed by all of you. He was The Author Of Life.”


It was amazing that Peter mentioned Jesus as “The Author Of Life,” and that He had been killed. Surely God resurrected Jesus from the grave. But still, in the same sentence, the One who had invented LIFE had His LIFE taken by the very ones He had given life to. It’s like we brain damaged people can’t respect a gift, and our response is to kill the Giver of the gift. Let’s be clear, Jesus is “The Author Of Life.” He said, “I’ve come to give you Abundant Life.” What are we doing with His gift? We can squander it by killing opportunities that come our way every day, or we can maximize the Gift by seeing each opportunity that comes our way as a sign that “The Author Of Life” is here right now, ready to help us get to our feet and walk into our miracle. I believe He’s here this AM, let’s rise and walk.


Dear Jesus,

I hear Your call this AM. I am struggling, but I am getting up and I will walk toward “The AUTHOR Of Life” today. Amen

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