Sometimes It’s In Your DNA

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1 Chronicles 20:7
When he taunted Israel, Jonathon son of Shimea, David’s brother, killed him.


The man spoken of who was caught taunting the Israelites in this passage was none other than a giant with twelve fingers and twelve toes. We know he was a giant because he was from Gath, the same place that Goliath had come from, and it was a land of giants. Little is said other than he TAUNTED the Israelites. When he did, Jonathan, the son of Shimea, who was King David’s brother, killed him. It leads you to the fact that “Sometimes It’s In Your DNA!”


What I want to say about this is that when you’re in trouble or when you’re experiencing unusual joy, “Sometimes It’s In Your DNA!” Think about Shimea’s son Jonathan. He knew of the story of his Uncle David the King, and how he saw Goliath taunting the Israelites years before, and how Uncle David killed the giant with his slingshot. Jonathan probably thought, “Well, that’s in my DNA! No giant will ever taunt my people,” and then he killed him. I realize that you may be battling things that aren’t so good as that story, and it goes back to a dad that was troubled or a mom who was angry, and maybe you’re battling what’s been passed down to you. Celebrate the good things, but if it’s something that isn’t good, stop the DNA thing now. You are a child of God, and you can break that curse today! Simply get someone to agree with you in prayer and claim Matthew 18:19 and say, Jesus, the two of us agree that this negative DNA thing is over in my life today! I believe God will break it TODAY!


Dear Jesus.

This AM, I agree with my friend who is perhaps struggling with a negative family issue passed down! In Jesus’ name, I believe that today this CURSE is broken in Jesus’ name! Amen


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