Since When Is The Man Of God Your Enemy?

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1 Kings 21:20
Ahab said to Elijah, “So you have found me my enemy.” “I have found you,” he answered, “because you have sold yourself to do evil in the sight of the Lord.”


Ahab was the wicked king of Israel. Yet he knew Elijah well, and he knew that Elijah would be on his trail should he rebel against the Lord. He rebelled anyway. Remember, this is the same Elijah who had faced off with Ahab before. Elijah had called for a three-year drought in Israel because of their waywardness, and it happened. He had the prophets of Baal slaughtered when he called fire out of heaven on Mt Carmel. This infuriated Ahab’s witch wife, Jezebel. But now, Ahab had wanted a vineyard which belonged to one of his constituents named Naboth. However, Naboth wouldn’t sell it to him. Ahab went home crying like a baby. His wife Jezebel had Naboth killed so Ahab could have Naboth’s vineyard. God told Elijah to visit Ahab and tell him that his days were numbered. When Elijah showed up at the king’s door, the king said, “So you have found me my enemy!”


“Since When Is The Man Of God Your Enemy?” That’s the most logical response to this king’s statement. Don’t you want to be a leader who yields to the God of the universe who created you and everything in the universe? It would seem intelligent to follow that God and his earthly spokesperson. Yet, when your heart is so puffed up with pride and self-absorption as was Ahab’s, you may actually believe that you can compete on some level with that God! That was Ahab’s downfall. In time Elijah’s prophecies came to pass, and Ahab and his witch wife came to an end. I can tell you this, the man or the woman of God will never be my enemy.


Dear Jesus,

I only want to do your will this AM. When I read this passage of scripture, my first thought was what fools Ahab, and his wicked wife were. I don’t want to ever be in competition with you, dear Lord. I’m totally yours to yield to whatever you have for me. Amen

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