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Acts 6:9a

Opposition arose.


Earlier in this chapter the Apostles had become overwhelmed with the busywork of the ministry. They prayed and felt it was the will of God to choose seven men who were full of the Holy Spirit and full of Wisdom. These seven would assist in the service of people, while the Apostles dedicated themselves to prayer and the preaching of the Word. They chose seven men who fit the criteria, and one of them was named Stephen. Stephen immediately began performing miracles, and when he did Great “Opposition” came from the ruling elders of the synagogue.


You may or may not know that shortly after this initial “Opposition,” Stephen the deacon was stoned to death for his FAITH. After Jesus, Stephen was the first Christian martyr. After he died, the church began to further explode with growth. Whenever you move with energy into the purpose for which God has called you, you will face … “Opposition!” Light always illuminates the darkness. The point is, light continually needs reinforcement because darkness needs nothing to exist. Understand that you and I are light in the middle of a world of darkness. In order to stave off the “OPPOSITION” (Darkness), we must attract more light. Thank God for “Opposition,” it’s what gives us a good reason to fight the “Good Fight.”


Dear Jesus,

I’m so thankful this AM that You called me out of Darkness and into Your marvelous LIGHT. Help me as I go into a dark world today to be the LIGHT for those who still stand in darkness. Amen

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