Nobody Gets The Whole Loaf

S. O. A. P.

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Job 21:7

Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power?


While Job was wallowing in tremendous emotional and physical agony, he began seeing things from a skewed vantage point. Because of his pain, he made this statement suggesting that “The WICKED Have I‎t Made!”


First of all, like I’ve said before on this platform, things are never as they appear. Certainly if you’ve lost all of your children to death in the same day, coupled with the loss of your corporation and animals and so on, one has a tendency to see life through different lenses. But make no mistake about it, life is like a loaf of bread and “NOBODY Gets The Whole Loaf.” Job was miserable and made a bad call. “The WICKED DON’T Have I‎t Made!” No one knows what the other man’s shoes feel like; besides the wicked have to face the hereafter. I believe there’s more to it than just the worms in the grave having supper. Instead of complaining that everyone has i‎t better than you, why not just be thankful for the slice you get. Because, “NOBODY Gets The Whole Loaf.”


Dear Jesus,

Instead of complaining about my slice, I’m going to be thankful today for the slice I’ve got. I realize, “NOBODY Gets The Whole Loaf.”

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