Nepotism Is Not A Biblical Term

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Numbers 3:45b

The Levites are to be mine. I am the Lord.


Jacob had twelve sons who became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel. One of the sons was named Levi. God said, “I will take the tribe of LEVI as My own.”


In the Old Testament, God said to Israel, “If you’re born a Levite, you will be in the ministry in some form for the rest of your life.” For a Levite there were many advantages and some disadvantages, but their lot and calling in life was set at birth. In the Catholic Church during the middle ages, and until the end of the 17th century, the Popes who had no children elevated their nephews to positions of hierarchy within the Catholic Church. This was done so the Pope might have a family ministry legacy. But it was looked upon by his cohorts with jealousy. This practice became known as NEPOTISM. It comes from a Latin word which means Nephew or Grandson. In other words, relatives of the Pope received special treatment because they were family. However, the Popes got the idea from the Levites. The term Levite or Levitical is a scriptural term based on a Divine edict. The term Nepotism is a Gentile word, from a dead language, that is rooted in jealousy. The next time you hear someone cry Nepotism because their Pastor’s children are serving in spiritual positions within the church, instead of joining their jealousy be grateful your leader operates from scriptural precedent! Because … “Nepotism Is Not A Biblical Term.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You that our family has practiced the Levitical way of service! Thank You that my children now serve Your mission. Amen

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