My Faith Is My Firm Foundation

S. O. A. P.

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Isaiah 7:9b

If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.


Ahaz was the King of Judah, and although there had not been a formal announcement that Judah had officially turned her back on God, certainly Ahaz had. Isaiah reminded him that either he must stand firm in his faith or lose everything.


Make no mistake about it, a man or woman’s action is always a result of their theology.  Someone who does not believe there is a God laughs when people say they do. Someone who knows there is a God and turns their back on Him, lives contrary to what they know He wants them to be and do. That’s what had happened to this ungodly king, Ahaz. He knew there was a God but had turned his back on his faith. Consequently, Ahaz had no foundation to stand on. Even if one’s faith is foreign to what I believe, they still stand on the foundation of what they believe. Like so many, Ahaz had exchanged what he knew to be true in order to stand on the merits of his own life and abilities. When a man or woman believes himself or herself to be god, they’re standing on sinking sand. As for me, Jesus is and forever shall be my rock, my savior, and my God!  Because “My Faith Is My Firm Foundation!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM I leave the house knowing that I have faith to stand on. My faith is in You, and because of You my foundation for life is set! Amen

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