Men North of 50

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Titus 2:2

Teach the older men to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, in love and in endurance.


Most likely the Apostle Titus of Crete was one of St. Paul’s closest friends and associates. He is believed to have been younger than Paul but older than Timothy. Let’s agree that he was around 50 when he received this letter from Paul, telling him to teach the older men to live balanced lives, sound in love, in endurance, and in faith. In the end their lives would command respect because of the worthiness with which they had lived.


In the Old Testament the Levite ministers had to resign their positions of daily responsibility in the temple at the age of 50 (Numbers 8:30). They could continue in the ministry but the daily workload was given over to the younger men. When Paul told Titus to teach the older men, he was obviously speaking about men older than 50. Paul was definitely “North of 50” himself, and so was Titus when this command was passed down. “Men North of 50” were seen as the “Standard Bearers” for the younger ministers. They were men of self-control, not given to wild responses. They were shown respect because they were secure in their faith, their love, and their willingness to finish strong. Certainly I am “North of 50,” and it is my desire to call my fellow brothers in the Lord not to quit but to join me in living a life of honor unto Jesus. And then, by the grace of God, we will live with our faith, our love, and our endurance secure. I am one of the “Men North of 50” and I will never give up, by God’s Grace.


Dear Jesus,

Please bring a spiritual renewal among my brothers, the “Men North of 50.” We’re ready for our next assignment! Amen

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