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Matthew 24:35

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.


In this powerful chapter, Jesus spoke of the signs of the End Times. He was forthright when He stated that heaven and earth would pass away before His words would pass away. He had said something like this at the beginning of His ministry, during His Sermon on The Mount. He said not one word of the law would ever be done away with (Matthew 5:18). Now, towards the end of His earthly ministry, you can hear the Lord say, “Mark My Word!”


Throughout the Bible we see the Lord lay down the gauntlet. Sometimes He says, “Trust Me.” Other times He says, “Prove Me.” But in this passage, it feels like Jesus is saying “Mark My Word! I will guarantee you that not one of my words will be stricken from this holy record.” As a personal witness, I must tell you that this holy Word of God has been standing for thousands of years. In my lifetime I have heard arguments about whether or not this part of the Bible or another part of the Bible is still relevant for today, but I’ve never seen one word cut out in my lifetime. I have watched the strength, influence, and reach of God’s Word expand. Instead of fading, it is becoming brighter and more brilliant than ever before in history. As I look for the soon coming of our blessed Lord, I continue to lean on His word for my daily sustenance, and He never fails. Instead of doubting, just agree with Jesus when He says, “Mark My Word!”


Dear Jesus,

I am on Your side! I’m not even questioning Your Word. I’m locked into every Word you’ve spoken, and I depend on it to sustain me again today! Amen

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