Make Your Own god? Really?

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Judges 18:31

They continued to use the idol Micah had made, all the time the house of God was in Shiloh.


This is the story of the Danites needing a place to call home, so they attacked a people of a little-known geographical location known as Laish. They burned it to the ground and killed all the people. On their way to do this, they stopped at the home of a man by the name of Micah. They took his handmade idols and his personal priest, threatening to kill him if he resisted. He turned with his men and went back home. The Danites were victorious and gave credit to the little Levite priest and their handmade gods.


What in the world was a tribe of Israel doing stealing another man’s idols and claiming those idols as their own? That in itself broke several of the Ten Commandments of Moses right there. But get this. The Danites hired Jonathon and his sons to be their priests. Jonathon was the son of Gershon, who was the son of … are you ready? MOSES!! Here they were, worshipping an idol made by the hands of a man they knew. And the grandson of Moses and his sons, Moses’ great-grandsons, were the ones who ministered. Not for the Lord, but for their own human-made gods. When I read this story, I say to myself, “Make Your Own god? Really?”


Dear Jesus,

Help me please, Jesus, this AM to set such a mark that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren won’t have the guts to make their own gods and turn around and worship them! Please, Jesus! Amen


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