Make A Note Of It

S. O. A. P.

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Habakkuk 2:2

Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.”


In some ways, you could say that Habakkuk began his ministry complaining. With each complaint, God gave a stern and prompt reply. Here, after his second complaint, Habakkuk said, “I’m going to stand on the top of the ramparts of the city and wait to hear what God says.” God said in reply, “I’m going to speak but get ready to Make A Note Of It.”


Many years ago, as a young man, I was in Sacramento, California, in the living room of one of my heroes, Dick Eastman, the great author on the subject of PRAYER. He had just gone to work as the associate to Dr. Jack McAllister, the founder of World Literature Crusade. He told me, “Rich, on several occasions, I’ve traveled to other countries with him. During the night, in the dark, I hear him praying and writing things down in the dark. In the morning, there are many small post-it notes with his handwriting on them. They are strewn everywhere on the floor between our two beds. He gathers them up and logs them into a notebook. Dick said that one day he asked him about the notes. Dr. McAllister said, “These are the words the Lord gives me in the night. I don’t want to forget them, so I write them down.” Is it any wonder that today, over sixty-five years after it was founded, World Literature Crusade is still flourishing worldwide under Dick Eastman’s ministry? When the Lord speaks to you, my friend, always remember to “Make A Note Of It.”


Dear Jesus,

I thank You for Your words to me from early childhood until even now. You have been so faithful to speak direction into my life. I ask that You help me do even better at making a note of it. I don’t want to miss a single word. Amen

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