Level Ground

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Psalm 142:10

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good spirit lead me on level ground.


King David was “WAY” into his rule and reign as the Monarch of Israel when he asked his God Jehovah for a familiar Blessing. He says … “Teach me to do Your will.” Here he is asking for a new lesson in “DISCIPLESHIP” as an elderly King. David states … “I want Your spirit to lead me on ‘Level Ground.’”


Jerusalem is set on 7 Hills. And from a distance the city is definitely elevated. Whenever David and his army would have to leave Mt. Zion to fight a battle, the Judean Hillsides were even more taxing to try and traverse. Most likely, any Israeli would think to himself before bed at night … “I just wish there was a flat space to travel on. I just wish there was Level Ground.” But that’s not what David was talking about here in this passage. No, the King who had already lived through tumultuous, painful experiences because of his own poor choices was asking for spiritual guidance from the Holy Spirit so that he could walk on “LEVEL GROUND” both spiritually and emotionally. When your spirit is traveling on “Level Ground,” your flesh can endure mountainous terrain on a regular basis. Our prayer must be like that of King David … “Oh Lord, lead me on to Level Ground.”


Dear Jesus,

There have been so many physical and spiritual attacks on my life through the years, but nothing has detoured me from the Faith. I believe it’s because on the inside of me You have helped me walk on “LEVEL GROUND.” Thanks. Amen

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