Keep Your Hands And Opinions To Yourself

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 105:15

Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.


It has always been the will of God that He Himself rule and discipline His chosen spiritual leaders. Throughout Scripture, the Lord tells His followers, “When it comes to judging spiritual leadership among you … Keep Your Hands And Opinions To Yourself.”


King David, who makes the statement in this scripture, was himself subject to spiritual leadership. Even though he was the King of Israel, he was yielded to Nathan, the Prophet of his day. If we as “Jesus Followers” take the discipline of our spiritual leaders into our own hands, the leaders themselves will be inhibited from telling us the full counsel of the Lord. It’s better to have a clear word from the Lord than it is to be able to tell the Prophet what he or she can and cannot say. In this case, it’s better to “Keep Your Hands And Opinions To Yourself.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I am reminded that I need my spiritual leaders more attuned to what You are telling them to say than being afraid of me. Please speak to them. Amen

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