Jesus Loves Us

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Jeremiah 31:3b

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”


This is our Lord speaking of the people of Israel, who were at the time under the rule of the Babylonians. But here, Jesus reminds them that He’s never stopped loving them.


No matter what challenges we’re faced with, “Jesus Loves Us.” You may be saying, “Well why doesn’t He do something to get me out of this situation if He loves me so much?” Oh, in time He will. Israel was forever choosing to run from the Lord and serving other gods. But even in her wandering Jesus said, “My love for you is everlasting and I will continue to draw you with unfailing kindness.” Whatever we do, and no matter how far we may run, “Jesus Loves Us.”  Sometimes we face trouble because of someone else’s wandering, but Jesus never forgets us. He knows where we live and will, in time, bring us help because of His unfailing kindness. I’m so thankful that, “Jesus Loves Us.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM that you still love Me. Amen

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