It’s Your CHOICE, And No One Else’s

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Daniel 1:8a

But Daniel resolved not to defile himself.


After Daniel and his friends were taken as slaves into Nebuchadnezzar’s court, he and the others were commanded to eat the King’s daily food diet. It wasn’t kosher, and consequently it meant that to obey the King’s orders would mean they had to deny God’s law. Daniel chose not to defile himself.


Compromise is the devil’s greatest tool to sidetrack “Jesus People.” In other words, don’t do BAD stuff, just don’t do GOOD stuff that good. When you choose to follow Jesus, remember “It’s Your Choice, And No One Else’s!” People want to blame others for their compromise of what they know is right. When asked folks will say, “Well it wasn’t really my fault. If it wasn’t for so and so nothing would have ever happened.” That is the normal thing to do in the time in which we’re living. But those who decide to live according to God’s Word, like Daniel, must decide not to defile themselves. Living to please others will never put anyone in good standing with the Lord. If you decide in your heart not to defile yourself, do it with emphasis. Because in the end, “It’s Your Choice And No One Else’s”


Dear Jesus,

It’s a new day and I’m making a fresh decision not to defile myself today. I need Your help! Big Time! Amen

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