It’s What The Lord Has Always Wanted

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Isaiah 56:1
This is what the Lord says: “Maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed.”


When you read this passage and compare it to other passages in the Word of God that sound just like it, you know in your heart that what is said here well, “It’s What The Lord Has Always Wanted.” God wants his people to hold up a standard of Justice (FAIRNESS) for EVERYONE and do the RIGHT thing. So often, I’ve talked in these daily posts about the second half of the first chapter of the book of Romans. Paul tells us that the laws of God are written on our hearts at birth. That means there will be NO EXCUSE should we decide to act unjustly or rebel against what is right.


Of course, when something is said over and over in the Bible as to how to act in a given situation, you already know that there will be temptation in those areas on a regular basis. From the time in grade school when no one would pick the little boy or girl who had some kind of social or physical setback to the time a judge is unwilling to prosecute a known bad guy because he or she has been threatened away from the courthouse as to what will happen if they rule for Justice in the matter, there’s always going to be a temptation to act unjustly and do the wrong thing. That was a long sentence because this is a long-standing temptation. If we fail to continually face the long-standing temptation and win, in time, we will face a long-standing sentence for our weakness to courageously face up to temptation in any form. Let’s take our stand for fairness and righteousness because “It’s What The Lord Has Always Wanted.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, help me not to be a good preacher and talker but a lousy lover of your truth. Practicing what I preach is more needed at this point in time than at any time I’ve been alive. Help me, help me, I pray. Amen

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  • George Pallil Reply

    How true! Often we over look these. George Pallil, Los Angeles, CA

    July 29, 2022 at 12:18 pm


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