It’s Not That Bad

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Psalm 12:1
Help, Lord, for no one is faithful anymore; those who are loyal have vanished from the human race.


This prayer was prayed by King David at a very distressful time in his life. Whatever trial he was facing, he made a generalized overstatement. He said, “There’s not a faithful person left on the planet and those who are LOYAL have vanished from all humanity!”


Whenever I read this passage, I always say, “David, please lighten up! ‘It’s Not That Bad!” I’m reminded of Elijah when he had destroyed the prophets of Baal and then ran and hid. When God found him, he asked him what he was doing. Elijah said, “I’m the last God-fearing man on the planet! And now the people will kill me too!” God said, “I’ve got 7,000 folks who have not bowed a knee to Baal.” God was saying, “It may be bad, but ‘It’s Not That Bad!’” Don’t start talking today about how bad things are around the world like you’re the only one left serving God. Remember, today, there are 2.5 billion believers on planet Earth! Don’t give up. It may be bad, but “It’s Not That Bad!”


Dear Jesus,
Thank you that even though it’s bad all over the world, “It’s Not That Bad!” Our gospel faith is spreading rapidly around the world, and it’s through love and not with guns! I’m not giving up because “It’s Not That Bad!”

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