If God Wills It, It Will Happen

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Joshua 12:6a

Moses, the servant of the lord, and the Israelites conquered them.


Here in Joshua, the writer lists the kings and the territories they ruled. These are the kings and territories Moses and the Israelites conquered on their way into the Promised Land. God had promised this land to Abraham hundreds of years earlier. Moses was living when it happened, but God had declared it would happen a thousand years earlier.


This is what I believe this obscure passage in the Bible projects, “If God Wills It, It Will Happen.” Too often, we face an impossibility and think to ourselves, “well, that will never happen.” Perhaps you have an immediate family member who is in the hospital due to a serious accident, and the doctors aren’t giving your relative much of a chance for medical intervention to help them get better. Maybe you’re already planning the funeral. I’m talking to someone right now, and you haven’t paid your rent in almost a year. You’ve prayed and prayed, but every time you pray, you think to yourself, “I wonder if I’ll be thrown out of my house for not making the payment.” You need to remember this: “If God Wills It, It Will Happen!”


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for making things happen for me in the past that were seemingly impossible at the time. I have learned, “If God Wills It, It Will Happen!” Amen


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