I Will Hurry And Obey You

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 119:60

I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands.


This huge chapter in Psalms is about King David’s great love for God’s law. His meditation on the laws of God was sweeter than honey to him. He was so in love with the law of the Lord that he said, “I Will Hurry And Obey You.”


What are you in a hurry to do this AM? Some are in a hurry to pay their bills. Others are in a hurry to get the roof of their house fixed. Some are in a panic trying to find the right lawyer to represent a son in prison. What if each of us started each day with a simple prayer that said, “I Will Hurry And Obey You,” dear Lord? It seems so many of the things that challenge us could be traced back to something we failed to do after God had specifically told us to do it. I suppose you could say that if we’re not careful, we become procrastinators when it comes to doing God’s will. For me, I have tremendous peace when I’m following the Lord wholeheartedly. When I fail at some point to be obedient to the Lord’s direction in my life, frustration and anxiety cloud my days. And it’s only when we say, “I Will Hurry And Obey You, dear Lord,” that peace reigns in our hearts.


Dear Jesus,

“I Will Hurry And Obey You,” today and every day, with Your help. It is not my desire to walk away from Your Word. It gets dark out here quickly, and Your Word is a light to my feet and a lamp to my pathway. Your Word to my heart helps me see where I’m going. Amen


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