I Had It Made

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Job 29:24

When I smiled at them, they scarcely believe it; the light of my face was precious to them.


In this amazing chapter, Job recalls his best days before his trouble came. What he seems to miss the most is the esteem and the respect he once had known from those near and far. And in closing he states what most of us would never utter. “When I smiled at others they were shocked. And the brightness that emanated from my very smile was a blessing to them.”


For Job to state these words in the depths of his despair proves that he kept it hidden in his best of days. But just because he hid it doesn’t mean that he didn’t love the accolades, the applause, and the respect. The Word says we are made in the very “Image of God” with all of His characteristics, yet as has been stated here before, it is all in a FINITE way. But when the Bible states that our God is a jealous God (Ex. 34:14) … indeed He is jealous of all of our praise and worship. If it is true of our Master, then in a FINITE way we too love that praise. However, that alone puts us at enmity with God. For He wants it all! When Job makes this bold statement, he is in fact saying, “There was a time … I Had It Made.” But through it all, we—like Job—learn through our trouble that we only “Have It Made” when we are willing to “Give It All.” That is to say … all of the praise and glory and worship to our great God.


Dear Jesus,

This AM I am once again reminded that I was placed on this earth to praise and worship and adore You alone. And today I know that I … “Have It Made” when I “Give It All To You.” Amen

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  • Anna Johnson Reply

    All throughout our Christian journey, we will be faced with the struggle of wanting God but also wanting to be self-sufficient and think that we Have It Made, especially when everything is going well for us. At the end of our self-sufficiency, and in the process of our maturity, we will find that we were created to give God all our Praise, Glory and Honor.

    Thanks Pastor Rich, that was great!

    November 5, 2014 at 9:45 am

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