How To Treat A Doubter

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Jude 1:22

Be merciful to those who doubt.


Jude was the brother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus. He only wrote one chapter in the whole Bible. That means that this one chapter is powerful. He told us to have mercy on anyone who doubts.


If there was anyone who knew about doubting and a need for mercy, it must have been the brother of our Lord. Certainly, growing up in the same house as Jesus, Jude loved his brother. But to think of his brother as the Son of God? I can only imagine that he struggled with doubts. Slowly but surely Jude changed. Jude, like so many others of us, got over his doubts. After the cross and the resurrection, Jude became a powerful servant of Jesus Christ. If you’ve ever wondered “How To Treat A Doubter,” go with the brother of our Lord. Jude said, “Be MERCIFUL to those who doubt.”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, like never before, I need to have more mercy. Sometimes I find myself treating others as if they are my age, with my years of experience. Lord help me this AM. I want to be more merciful. Amen

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