He’s Always Been That Way

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Hebrews 8:12

For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.


The writer of Hebrews discussed the old covenant God had made with Israel that just didn’t work. The writer then explained that through Jesus, the Lord would make a new covenant with His ultimate desire being to forgive EVERYONE for their sin and wretched living.


Whenever I read this passage that talks about the desire of our great God to forgive humankind of its sins, I always think, “He’s Always Been That Way.” You can look at Adam and Eve’s original sin and see their punishment, but not their destruction at the hand of God. Even then He wanted to forgive them. Cain killed his brother Abel. God punished him but did not destroy him. He wanted to forgive. How many times have you and I been disciplined by God, but not destroyed by God for our sin? It’s hard for me to count the times. Once again, I have to liken it to my own sons and their many failures as toddlers, then adolescents, and now even as adults. I disciplined them, but I didn’t destroy them. I learned that from my own father. Most of all I learned that from my Heavenly Father. So, whenever you think to yourself, “Wow I can’t believe God forgave me.” Think of this: “He’s Always Been That Way.”


Dear Jesus,

I have no other words to say but “Thank You!” The many sins I’ve been guilty of through these continuing years, yet You have always forgiven me. Oh, there were times when my sin carried such a kick back that I paid dearly for what I had done. But You always forgave me! Thank You! Amen

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