Help Us, Oh Lord!

S. O. A. P.

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Psalm 44:26

Rise up and help us; rescue us because of your unfailing love.


No one can say for sure who wrote this Psalm. The time of the writing certainly sounds like some time during the Babylonian exile of the people of Judah. But whoever wrote it was writing of a time when the people of God were in deep trial. The Psalmist concluded by simply begging, “Help Us, Oh Lord!”


Certainly, you are thinking of a time in your life when you couldn’t remember where you were or if you’d make it through another week, or if you died you’d never be found. That was what this writer felt like. He had a number of historical thoughts about what their forefathers had witnessed and accomplished by the hand of Almighty God, and you can almost hear him say, “Oh Lord, Please Do It Again For Us!” I’m not sure just what happened following this cry, but I know Israel’s history, and I know that even today they are flourishing in the midst of constant turmoil. Whatever it is that you are facing today, remember you are a child of the Almighty. It may not happen when, or the way you’d like it to, but I can tell you this, He will show up when you pray, “Help Us, Oh Lord!”


Dear Jesus,

I’m praying this AM for the entire Wilkerson household, and for my friend who reads this right now, “Help Us Oh Lord!” Amen

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