He Doesn’t Throw Shade

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Psalm 121:5

The Lord watches over you—the Lord is your shade at your right hand.


King David said that our great God is ALWAYS watching over us. He said that our God is our SHADE at our right hand.


Some Bible scholars believe that David wrote these words while in the “Cave of Adullam.” He was running from King Saul, who was convinced David was out to get him. In other words, in his most desperate of times David saw the Lord as someone who was willing to create a shady and restful place in his most arduous trial. In our present day culture, “throwin shade” means that someone is disrespecting someone else. Can you imagine running for your very life and having no one to turn to because everyone else is “throwin shade” in your direction? Today, if you’re worried or troubled or for whatever reason you’re on the run, look to Jesus. “He Doesn’t Throw Shade.”


Dear Jesus,

Not once in my life have I ever reached out to You and You disrespected me. Instead You’ve always welcomed me home. Amen

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