Guilt Always Runs From Truth!

S. O. A. P.

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Amos 7:13

“Don’t prophesy anymore at Bethel, because this is the king’s sanctuary and the temple of the kingdom”


These are the words of the High Priest of Bethel, Amaziah, who served under the leadership of King Jeroboam of Israel. He told Amos that this was the king’s sanctuary, not of God, and to leave. He told Amos he should prophesy in Judah, but not to the ten-nation tribes with the king’s palaces in Samaria. The problem that Amaziah and King Jeroboam and all the wealthy Israelites were facing was that they had turned their backs on the God of Israel and were guilty. Never forget, “Guilt Always Runs From Truth!”


Amos quickly let this rebel priest know that he had only come from his little farm in the south to this huge, spacious, and wealthy place because God had called him. He let Amaziah know that his resistance against Amos had no effect and that he must preach what God had sent him to declare. Do you see the difference here? One is a wealthy preacher with no message, and the other is a preacher with little or no means who is overflowing with the truth that must be delivered. One was running from the truth. The other was running to deliver the truth. Since “Guilt Always Runs From Truth,” the chase may take longer than expected, but the truth always wins. So keep running to deliver God’s truth as long as you live.


Dear Jesus,

I’m so overjoyed this AM because You have filled me with TRUTH! I’m not scared, I’m not bound up, and I’m not guilty. Because of Your truth in my life, I’m running with a mission to end guilt. Help me today, I pray. Amen

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