Give The Doubters A Break

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Jude 22

Be merciful to those who doubt.


This is a little spoken of verse in a little spoken of book of the Bible. The Book Jude is so short that you only mention the verse by the verse; no chapter reference is needed since it only has one chapter. Jude was the brother of James, and both of them were the older half-brothers of Jesus. Jesus’ father Joseph was somewhat older than his mother Mary, and historians tell us that Joseph died shortly after the temple experience when Jesus was 12. Nevertheless, Jesus was their little brother and they not only adored Him, they followed Him and they “GOT HIM.” Jude says … “Hey give those who doubt my brother a break. Instead of judging them be merciful.”


At one point in Jesus’ ministry, a man asked Him which one of the commands was greatest. Jesus answered him, and the man said … “You’re right about that.” At which point Jesus responded … “You’re not far from the kingdom of God” and walked on (Mark 12: 30-34). In other words, Jesus didn’t try to sign the man up to be “His Follower” on the spot! These things, sometimes, take time. Doubts will always be present. Even in the life of an ardent Believer, Doubt still lurks in the shadows. Instead of judging or writing someone off because they don’t agree with your pitch … do what Jesus’ brother said … “Give The Doubter A Break.”


Dear Jesus,

I know we all have our formulas as to how we think someone should demonstrate they are a “Follower of Jesus.” But I ask You today dear Lord to help me be the provider of love and encouragement to the “Doubters” I meet. I’ll let You take care of signing them up. Amen

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