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1 Kings 15:14b

Asa’s heart was fully committed to the Lord all his life.


Here we see that King Asa determines in his heart that he would be “Fully Committed” to God all the days of his life. His father, King Abijah, had only ruled for three years in Judah and died. He was a wicked king of Judah. But when his son Asa took over, the scripture says that Asa did what was right, just like his father David had done. Did you catch that? David was Asa’s great, great grandfather. Yet scripture calls him Asa’s father.


If a man decides he will do right and live “Fully Committed” to God, usually that man will choose someone to model his life after. King Asa didn’t find that model in the life of his father Abijah, or his grandfather Rehoboam, or his great grandfather Solomon. He had to reach way back to someone he had never met but had heard stories about and perhaps was able to read some of his writings. When Asa landed upon his great, great grandfather David, he must have said, “There is someone that I can model my life after.” You see, King David was a man who had “Fully Committed” his life to the Lord, and now more than a generation later, his great, great grandson did the same. What will it take for you and me to live “Fully Committed” to our great God? For me, I didn’t have to look too far to watch my own father, John, live that life. Once I found the reality in Christ that my dad had, I never looked back. I trust you have found your mark, to live a life that is “Fully Committed” to God.


Dear Jesus,

My life has been a whirlwind of victory and defeat, joy and sorrow, mountains, and valleys but never a life of boredom. I attribute that to You. But I would never have found this thrill until I “Fully Committed” my life to You. Amen


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