From A Small Town To An Eternal Stage

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Amos 1:1a

The words of Amos, one of the shepherds of Tekoa.


Here we read the opening words of the book of Amos, written by Amos. He was one of the 12 minor prophets of the Old Testaments. Tekoa is a little Jewish village on the West Bank, in the Judean wilderness. It’s humbling to read that Amos mentioned himself as just one of the shepherds of Tekoa.


This is the story of a shepherd proclaiming the judgments of God against both Israel and Judah, and yet he was from a very small place. What those two nations had come to live and operate as normal, this little shepherd saw as a gross violation of God’s Word. In time, history tells us that Amos died a violent death because of his scathing messages against people who should have known better. No matter what the people ended up doing to the prophet from Tekoa, God took him from “A Small Town to An Eternal Stage.” Whatever is in your heart to do or say from the Lord, please get it out. God uses willing vessels. Even if they’re from small places, He will promote them to big stages.


Dear Jesus,

I trust that You will help me continue to proclaim Your Word no matter the cost. I have only sought to proclaim Your truth. It is true that I have served you in my life in relatively comfortable ease as it relates to the place from which I have served, yet I will not keep silent, no matter where You place me. Amen

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