For Those Who Grieve

S. O. A. P.

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Exodus 1:12

But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptian’s came to dread the Israelites.


For some four hundred years, the nation of Israel grew under the oppressive leadership of their enslavers, the Egyptians. The Egyptians used the Israelis to build giant storage cities. They were so driven to suppress the people of God that the Israelites grieved under this terrible oppression. However, the scripture tells us that the more the people of God suffered, the more they multiplied and spread. Consequently, they became a threat to their oppressors.


I’m writing this short devotional “For Those Who Grieve.” The truth is, your greatest setbacks are God’s way of preparing you for multiplication. Israel came away from bondage ready for war under the leadership of Moses. When they left Egypt in the middle of the night, they were hardened and chiseled in their physical appearances. They could fight any enemy and seldom lost a battle. Why? Because of the terrible anguish they had come up under. Tough times create tough people. Whatever you may be going through today, God knows all about it. He’s preparing you to come out of the grieving period ready to conquer. I wish I could be there with you when it happens. It’s on the way. Believe for it!


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for all the hard times I’ve experienced in my life. Every one of them has only toughened me up for the road ahead. And I might say, the trip has been amazing so far. Amen

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