Fools And Scoundrels No More

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Isaiah 32:5

No longer will the fool be called noble nor the scoundrel be highly respected.


In verse one of this chapter, the prophet speaks of a king who will come to reign, and when He does, He will reign in righteousness. This, in turn, will result in rulers being appointed to rule with justice. Because of this initial prophecy in the chapter, there will come a time when the day of lousy leadership will be over. In fact, you could say finally … “Fools And Scoundrels No More.”


Whatever people have believed in times past about this prophecy, you and I most certainly agree that this Isaiah prophecy was referring to our soon-coming King Jesus. Yes, He came the first time to show us God in the flesh. He put skin on for the first time, and His words and actions literally became flesh, and He dwelt among men and women. Yet, even still, He was rejected, crucified, and buried, only to see Him defy death and conquer it and raise back to life on the third day. He ascended to the right hand of God and today makes legal intercession for us so that one day He will return and reign forevermore. On that day, we will all be able to say once and forever, “Fools And Scoundrels No More!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I feel the world groaning for that day. I know I am. What is happening at this time in which we live is way beyond a sense of sanity. We need the day of fools and scoundrels in places of authority to end. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Amen

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Rose MIller
Rose MIller
11 months ago


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