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Job 30:26

Yet when I hoped for good, evil came; when I looked for light, then came darkness.


Job, whom the oldest book in the Old Testament is named after, said that he had come to such a vexing place in his life that when he hoped for good, evil came instead. He said when he looked for light, darkness was all he could find.


Have you ever been in a similar situation? The news is increasingly evil and what people think about moral structures is easily a one-eighty from the way some of us were raised. And … when we push forward to see positive change, we see “EVIL And DARKNESS Instead Of GOOD And LIGHT.” So the question is, do we just give up and run to a hiding place away from people? Not a chance! We “Followers Of Jesus” were born for times such as this. In the middle of this deluge of impossibility, Job fought through it. He didn’t quit, and in time he was elevated to an even more renowned place than could have possibly been imagined. I believe we are in a position to win like we’ve never known winning before. The important thing is to keep believing for GOOD AND LIGHT!


Dear Jesus,

You are my GOOD and LIGHT. I’ll keep my eyes on you and believe that the best is yet to come! Amen

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