Dead Man Walking

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Acts 25:19

Instead, they had some points of dispute with him about their own religion and about a dead man named Jesus who Paul claimed was alive.


Festus had replaced Felix as the Roman Governor of Judea. Felix, in order to please the Jews, had held Paul in prison for two years! After Festus took over, he hosted King Agrippa and his wife at the Palace in Caesarea. While there, he discussed Paul with King Agrippa. Festus told the King that when he finally heard the accusations against Paul from the Jews, he was actually surprised. He said it was nothing like he thought it would be. All they talked about were some disagreements with their own religion and a dead man named JESUS, who Paul claimed was alive.


The term “Dead Man Walking” refers to a condemned prisoner making his or her way to their own execution. But the way that Festus related the story of Jesus to King Agrippa was different. A condemned prisoner named Jesus was crucified and He died. But that same dead man was now alive and walking! Whether Festus or Agrippa knew the story well, or were faking like it was all “News To Them,” is irrelevant. What is relevant is that before JESUS came into my life I was a “Dead Man Walking” in the historical sense. But now I am a new creation in JESUS (2 Cor. 5:27). It’s true, the “Old Me” is dead but the new me is “Alive And Walking!” JESUS raised me from the MESS of my old life and gave me a MESSAGE to preach of my New Life in HIM! They say I’m dead, but if I am why am I still walking?


Dear Jesus,

I love You today! I thank You that the “old Rich” is dead and the “new Rich” is Alive and Walking! Amen

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