Always Give God Space

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Ezekiel 45:1

When you allot the land as an inheritance, you are to present to the Lord a portion of the land as a sacred district, 25,000 cubits long and 20,000 cubits wide; the entire area will be holy.


These indeed are the words of Ezekiel, but most theologians agree that Ezekiel was setting forth a holy vision for something in the future that never happened. Even prophets sometimes hope for something that never comes to fruition. So let’s look at this passage in a whole new way.


I love the Lord. By this time in my life, I’m only concerned about my relationship with Jesus, my family, and the Lord’s church. I’m nowhere near where Ezekiel was in his relationship with God, but I know he thought like me. Whatever anyone did in their life or with their life, Ezekiel wanted everyone to “Always Give God Space.” Ezekiel, in his vision for Israel’s future, wanted them to give God His allotment of space. That space comes in the form of property or some amount of physical space. In my house, it’s my office. This is God’s space. I pray here. I study His Word here. I laugh and cry and rejoice and sometimes shout here for all He’s done for me. Our whole building, where Trinity Church is here in Miami, meets regularly is God’s space. Some years ago, a group of people and I went together and purchased a space for the Lord Almighty. What about your place? It may be a one-room efficiency or a mansion with a view, but remember, “Always Give God Space.”


Dear Jesus,

Thank You this AM for trusting me with my own space so that I can give you YOUR Space! With Your help, I give You my word that I will “Always Give God Space.” Amen

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