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Luke 15:1

Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus.


In the eyes of the religious Jews of that day, the “Worst of the Worst” are referenced in this verse. Tax collectors and sinners were despised by religious people during Jesus ministry on earth. BUT … those very people were the ones who gathered around to hear Jesus.


When I read this verse, I can’t get the word “addiction” out of my mind. If you know the background for a Jewish man to be a Roman tax collector at that time, you know that man was “addicted” to money. If you could attain the title of “Sinner” in Jesus’ day, certainly you were “addicted” to some kind of life-controlling issue. But here we see that two different kinds of “addicted” people are both drawn to Jesus. The very ones other Jewish folks wanted nothing to do with, this Jewish man, Jesus, loved them back to life and meaning and purpose. It’s amazing, this power of love. Today it’s not just Jews, but Christians and Muslims and on and on and on. It’s people, who if we’re not careful we can somehow think we’re better than someone else. That isn’t Jesus. All of us are weak to some kind of potential “addiction.” The love of Jesus attracts folks. In a world with all kinds of “addictions,” because of Jesus we can be “Addicted To Love.”


Dear Jesus,

Today I’m taking the bite out of the word addiction. Because I’m using it as a way to say I can never receive enough from You. I just can’t love You enough or be near You enough, and I’ve got to have more of You! I’m addicted to you Jesus. Amen

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