A Half-Hearted Commitment

S. O. A. P.

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2 Kings 14:4

The high places, however, were not removed; the people continued to offer sacrifices and burn incense there.


Only Hezekiah was willing to tear the “High Places” in the Holy Land down. David as well wanted nothing to do with them. But no other king dared to mess with the High Places. The High Places went back to an ancestral form of homage developed during the time of the judges. No matter how good a king was, the best he could do was to offer “A Half-Hearted Commitment” to our most high God when he failed to tear down the High-Places.


In this particular story, Dr. Barnes, a truly historic biblical theologian and commentator famous for Barnes’ notes, says, “There is a curious parity between Joash and Amaziah.  Both were zealous for Yahweh in the earlier portion of their reigns, but in the latter part fell away; both disregarded the rebukes of prophets, and both, having forsaken God, were in the end conspired against and slain.” Isn’t it amazing that both father and son were victims of the same kind of demise? Why? I believe it’s because they each offered, A Half-Hearted Commitment to our blessed savior. Compromise, in time, brings the man or woman of God down. There’s no getting out of spiritual leadership or Christianity, period! If you want in the family, it must be a 100% complete yielding of one’s life to Christ. A Half-Hearted Commitment is not what Jesus is looking for.


Dear Jesus,

Once more, I desire to offer my whole life anew on Your altar of Christian commitment. I want You to have all of me. I want nothing to do with halfway commitments. I’m Yours, all Yours! Amen


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