A Case For The PCO

S. O. A. P.

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1 Corinthians 14:40
But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.


I’ve always believed that our weekly church gatherings should include, Praise&Worship, Prayer and The Word. St Paul, in addressing the church at Corinth, which he had planted, discussed the matter of church services and ensuring that there was order in the house of the Lord. When it comes to members’ participation, including audible gifts of the Spirit, there should be, at the most, three such events that occur in service. If it has to do with the gift of tongues, there must be an interpretation of that gift in the common language of all. The Apostle intended that everything should be done in an orderly way.


A number of years ago, in the church world, a new technology became available at a price. It’s called Planning Center Online. Most everyone refers to it as “The PCO.” This is a service planner with time codes next to each part of the service. It tells what is happening next and who is leading the next part of the church service. What it has done for the evangelical church world is bring wonderful planning and order to each service. Whether the service is in-house or online, those in leadership positions know what’s coming next. It’s important that we never squeeze the Holy Spirit out of our church services; however, if we don’t strive for spiritual order, we may drive the Holy Spirit out of our services with some of the shenanigans we call acts of the Holy Spirit. St Paul’s presentation in this chapter fourteen is really “A Case For The PCO.”


Dear Jesus,

I want your Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in all that we do in our places of worship. That is why I pray and ask for your direction all week long before Sunday ever gets here. Our team plans with me, and then we pray over the plans. Help me stay in tune with you, my Lord. Amen


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