They Believed What They Wanted To

S. O. A. P.

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Matthew 17:23
They will kill him, and on the third day he will be raised to life.” And the disciples were filled with grief.


In this verse Jesus laid out exactly what the people were about to do to Him. He told His disciples that the Jews would have Him killed, but that three days later He would be raised from the dead. After He told them this, the scripture says, “And The Disciples Were Filled With Grief.”


This passage of scripture is filled with God’s prediction that Jesus would be killed (crucified), and three days later that’s exactly what happened. The scripture says the disciples were unable to focus on the coming victory concerning Jesus’ resurrection. Instead they could only hear what they wanted to hear. When the Bible predicted that Jesus would rise from the dead, no one rejoiced that that’s what would happen. Instead all they could hear was that He would be crucified. In the end, they all turned on Jesus. The grief-ridden disciples were in a complete meltdown during the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus. It’s the complete opposite of what Jesus had instructed them to do. I’m asking Jesus today to keep us more impressed with Him than we are with us. May it never be said of us, “They Believed What They Wanted To.” Instead let us embrace His glorious resurrection and thank Him today for all He has done for us.


Dear Jesus, I can never give you enough praise and Thanksgiving for what you have done for me. Amen