A Real Prophet

S. O. A. P.

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Luke 2:37b She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying.


These are the thoughts of St. Luke as he reminisced over what he had been told by others who were there. He is speaking about an 84-year-old prophet named Anna. After seven years of marriage to her husband, he died and she remained a widow the rest of her life, worshipping in the temple and fasting and praying. When she saw Mary and Joseph present baby Jesus at the temple, she prophesied greatness over the baby.


Not much else is known about this woman of God named Anna, except that she was “A Real Prophet!” For sure, she was the first female prophet named in the New Testament. I hear a lot about modern churches taking a hard stand against female preachers. My family has never gone that way. My parents and my grandparents didn’t go that way either. The New Testament church didn’t have large buildings; they had small home gatherings. Women like Prisca, Euodia, and Phoebe led those house churches. They weren’t called pastors, but neither were Silas and Timothy. So please, let’s open our hearts to anyone who is “A Real Prophet!”


Dear Jesus, This AM, I’m grateful for the great women in my family who continue to blaze a trail of righteous teaching and preaching of the gospel. May we all be grateful for the Real Prophets among us. Amen  
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