Against Or For?

S. O. A. P.

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Isaiah 15:1a A prophecy against Moab.


The prophet Isaiah begins a prophecy AGAINST Moab in this verse. The prophecy fills two full chapters of the book of Isaiah. And, of course, the scathing prophecies all came to pass in time. Immediately after this prophecy, Isaiah gives another prophecy, and this time it’s AGAINST Damascus. Many of the prophecies of Isaiah are against someone or some people group.


This is largely the story of the prophets in the Old Testament, whether the major or the minor prophets. God’s word was scathingly delivered through these men and usually AGAINST the leadership of these nations and what they stood for and what they were doing. I’m going to ask you a question. Doesn’t it seem like God is more upset in the Old Testament than in the New Testament? In the Old Testament, the Lord is always laying down the law, men are perpetually breaking it, and in the end,  something has to die to atone for the breaking of the law. But in the New Testament, there seems to be so much more joy in the camp. Yes, Christians are persecuted as a way of life in the New Testament. However, the leaders of this New Testament church seem happier. Maybe it’s because Jesus sacrificed His life so we could have eternal life. The New Testament gives us the opportunity to be FOR people despite their sins. Here’s the challenge: many Christians treat sinners as if they are AGAINST them instead of FOR them. What will it be for you? “Against Or For?”


Dear Jesus, This AM, I KNOW You are FOR me. Because You are, help me to be FOR people as well. Amen
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