Parents, You’d Better Let Your Kids Have Their Adulthood!

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Mark 6:4 Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.”


Jesus had already been acknowledged by his Heavenly Father at his baptism. He had already been working miracles that were acknowledged everywhere by people. He had already taken on the religious leaders of his day when he finally went back to his hometown. Once there, he spoke, and people said, “Isn’t this Mary’s son?” And they were offended by one of their own young men. Jesus said a prophet gets honor from everywhere except his own hometown.


Mary had already launched her son into full-time ministry when she told the disciples in John 2:5, “Whatever he tells you to do—do it!” Those words helped initiate Jesus’ ministry by turning the water into wine. So Mary knew of His anointing and calling and who He was. Yet there was just something about Mary that perhaps wouldn’t let Jesus fully grow up. It’s obvious that something had happened in his own home that caused the people of the community to reject Him. The biggest thing I see in my life as a minister is parents not fully releasing their children into adulthood and then stepping back to let them lead. I hear it from young adults repeatedly, “Dad always has to inject his opinion” or “Mom just won’t stop bothering me.” I can’t really say what was going on in the creator of the universe’s home, but I can say this, “Parents, You’d Better Let Your Kids Have Their Adulthood!”


Dear Jesus, I can never thank You enough for the sons you’ve blessed us with. Help me daily to let go of them! Amen
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