You Can Wait All Day, It’s Not Gonna Happen

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Luke 11:54

Waiting to catch him in something he might say.


The Apostle Luke tells us Jesus had so infuriated the Pharisees with His scathing indictments against them, that after He was finished they waited to catch Him in something He might say that was wrong.


If you ever find yourself waiting to catch Jesus in a wrong, “You Can Wait All Day, It’s Not Gonna Happen.” He’s God after all, and God does NOTHING wrong. The Pharisees were mad at Jesus because He was right! He had shone the light into their dark places. Think about it, His last accusation against them was that they had held back the key of knowledge from their own people. He said it was a door that even they hadn’t been willing to walk through. And that wasn’t the worst thing He said, in my opinion. Whenever any of us are caught in our own masquerade of false humility, it’s best to repent and get on with life. Remember, Jesus never hides the light, He is the light and He always shines in our dark places.


Dear Jesus,

I’ll never be upset when You choose to shine in my darkness. I need Your light today. Amen

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