Why Not Leave Something For Those Coming Behind You?

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Isaiah 39:8

“The word of the Lord you have spoken is good,” Hezekiah replied. For he thought, “There will be peace and security in my lifetime.”


Hezekiah is undeniably one of the greatest God-fearing kings in Judah’s history; however, he failed toward the end. The King of Babylon sent envoys with a letter from him because he had heard that Hezekiah had been ill. While there, Hezekiah showed these envoys the treasures in the palace and the storehouses of Judah. There was nothing of value that Hezekiah did not show these foreigners. When Isaiah the prophet asked him what he had shown them, Hezekiah said, “I showed them everything.” This angered the Lord. Isaiah said, “After you’re gone, everything that’s here will be taken to Babylon, and some of your own family members will be made eunuchs and will serve in the palace of the King of Babylon.” When Hezekiah heard these words, he thought, “Well, at least that won’t happen on my watch!”


When you read this mental response from King Hezekiah, you are immediately stunned that a man of God of his stature, one who had accomplished so much for the kingdom of God and the people of Judah during his rule, would have such little regard for the generation to follow. In fact, because the true Hezekiah showed himself so selfish toward the end, his son who succeeded him as king, Manasseh, became perhaps the most wicked of all of Judah’s kings and ruled for 55 years. For a man of God to have such a lousy son succeed him, it makes you consider this thought, “Why Not Leave Something For Those Coming Behind You?”


Dear Jesus,

Help me live with the thought in mind that “I’m Just Passing Through.” I believe if I keep this in mind, I will be able to leave the people coming behind me a place that’s much better than it was when I first arrived. Amen


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