Why Blame The One Whom You’ve Rejected?

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Jeremiah 2:29a
Why do you bring charges against me?


This line was written by Jeremiah’s hand, but the words are those of the living God. The people of the Lord once again were reaping the harvest of rebellious actions they had been sowing for years. Their rebellion was blatant. Of course, all of life operates on “The Law of The Harvest.” Israel was reaping the harvest she deserved, and when she did, she blamed God. When this happened, the Lord responded by saying, “Why Blame The One Whom You’ve Rejected?”


It’s fine to celebrate one’s rebellious ways as long as they are winning, but when the harvest that is surely to come for those actions arrive at the door, don’t blame the Lord. The New Testament story of the Prodigal son and a loving father is the perfect picture of our Heavenly Father. In so many cases, he’s been lied to, ripped off, made fun of, and cursed by his rebellious children, while he waits on the porch for those same children to come back home to his forgiving arms. I suppose nothing has really changed since God uttered these words through the prophet Jeremiah’s pen, but like he said in those days, I’m sure the Lord is saying in our day, “Why Blame The One Whom You’ve Rejected.”


Dear Jesus,

With your help, I will never blame you for my personal failure. You have given me everything I have, and that I can’t deny. Today help me to follow you and you alone. Amen


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