What’s In Your Hands?

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Psalm 111:7a

The works of his hands are faithful and just.


The Psalmist talks of God’s greatness in this chapter. He speaks of His mighty works and great provisions for His people. Then he mentions the work of His hands, and says that in them are Faithfulness and Justice.


“What’s In Your Hands?” Whenever hands or the works of one’s hands are mentioned in Scripture it is usually in reference to DELIVERABLES. In other words, what can a person’s hands produce and deliver to others? Jesus’ hands deliver Faithfulness and Justice to the masses. If an individual is constantly being ripped off and left feeling helpless, this passage promises that will never happen when Jesus is in the picture. He never delivers injustice, only Justice. His hands deliver Faithfulness and Justice. When you consider your own hands and what they’re capable of delivering, what is it that people count on when they think of you? “What’s In Your Hands?”


Dear Jesus,

I’ve considered the works of my own hands this AM. I really need Your help. People are in need of Faithfulness and Justice from me. Please I ask, help me be Your hands extended to them today. Amen

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