Whatever You Do Stay Planted

S. O. A. P.

Here’s Your 90 second AM Devotional!


Psalm 92:13

Planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God.


The Psalmist is speaking of those who have chosen the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS. He promises them that God will cause them to flourish, another word for prosper, if they will stay planted in the house of the Lord. It leaves me with this thought, “Whatever You Do Stay Planted.”


Whenever I read this passage, I’m reminded of its New Testament parallel where the writer says in Hebrews 10:25 that it is important for Christians to meet regularly together and even more so since the return of the Lord is drawing near. There’s something that happens with consistent church attendance that becomes food for the soul and crafts our way of life. Just being planted in God’s house ensures in time that we will prosper as individuals and families. Since the pandemic, I have witnessed that people are not coming back to church en masse anymore. As I prayed some weeks back, I felt the Lord speak to me and say, “Go get new people saved, Rich. I want to prosper a whole new group of people who are ready to be planted in my house.” I’ve got to tell you I am excited about the future. My family is planted, and they are prospering. That’s why I say, “Whatever You Do Stay Planted!”


Dear Jesus,

This AM, I’ve never been more excited about the work of the Lord and building Your church. I know that I have prospered by being planted in Your house, and so has my family. Help me to reach more folks who have never known Your fullness before. Amen

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