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Genesis 47:31
“Swear to me,” he said. Then Joseph swore to him, and Israel worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.


Jacob, now known by God as Israel, was about to die. Before he did he asked his son Joseph to swear to him that when he did die, his son Joseph would have his bones taken back to Canaan to the cave that his grandfather Abraham had purchased from the Hittites. Joseph swore to his father that he would surely do as he wished. Then Israel leaned on his staff and worshipped the Lord.


The name Jacob means “DECEIVER” and the name Israel means “let God prevail,” because Jacob had wrestled with the angel of the Lord and would not let him go until God blessed him. From that point on Jacob, now Israel, followed the Lords leading in his life. At every turn God blessed Jacob. At the end he was able to see his family firmly established and was now ready to meet the Lord. As he leaned on his staff and worshipped, we might say that Israel was about to go to heaven and hear the Lord say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” When I look at the life of Israel I can only say, “What A Life!”


Dear Jesus,
With this passage in our hearts this morning I now turn to the friend of mine who is hearing this word with me. I ask that You would help both of us live a life that one day we will hear you say, “Well Done!” Amen


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