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1 Timothy 6:6

But godliness with contentment is great gain.


This passage of New Testament scripture was written by a man of God named Paul, who most would say was … “Totally Happy.” He wrote this line to his disciple Timothy, and said “godliness with contentment is a powerful combination that produces huge gain in one’s life.”


As I read this passage this AM I thought of my Dad, John Wilkerson. I never knew a man who spoke less of money, or his personal need or lack of it, than my Father. The only time he spoke of it was when he was raising funds for a foreign missionary friend. And believe me he had a bunch of them. For himself, however, it was all about serving Jesus and just being “Totally Happy.” He disliked competition among brothers and believed the goal was world evangelization. If great faith is measured in the size of a “Mustard Seed,” he had at least a “Peach Sized” faith. As I read these words of Paul and think of my Father, I want to be more like that. Not concerned about money, but full on with Jesus and just … “Totally Happy.” I’ve got a feeling you probably long for the same.


Dear Jesus,

I want the striving to end. I want contentment to be my pursuit and to be like You! Then and only then will I truly know “Great Gain.” Amen

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