They Took The Bait

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Matthew 13:57a

And they took offense at him.


Upon Jesus’ return to His hometown of Nazareth, instead of hailing their hero they were offended by His success. Consequently, He didn’t do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.


By the time this story occurred, Jesus had already given the greatest message in history: the “Sermon on the Mount.” He had raised someone from the dead, done miracle after miracle, and taught in parables, which at that time was the language of the people. When He returned to His hometown, people could only discuss the fact that Jesus was a carpenter’s son and that his brothers and sisters were still there. They were jealous, or rather “OFFENDED,” by Him. “They Took The Bait.” The esteemed Christian author, John Bevere, wrote a classic some years ago called “The Bait Of Satan.” In it he says that “Taking The Bait” is a person’s acceptance of an offense against them. We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all been tempted to be jealous of someone before, but it’s our decision to forgive them or “Take The Bait” and allow an “OFFENSE” into our soul. In time it turns to bitterness and finally hatred. The people of Nazareth could have welcomed the Son of God home, but instead “They Took The Bait.”


Dear Jesus,

With Your help, I’m swimming away from the bait this AM. Amen

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