Their Protection Is Gone!

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Numbers 14:9c

Their protection is gone, but the Lord is with us. Do not be afraid of them.


Joshua and Caleb had come back from searching out the Promised Land with ten other Israeli spies. They were the only two who were positive. The other ten spies said there’s no way. The people believed the negative report, but Joshua and Caleb said, “Their Protection Is Gone, we can defeat them.”


In life, it always comes down to whose report will you believe? The twelve spies Moses had selected to spy out the land of Canaan were the absolute best of each tribe. They were victorious men in every way. But of the best among them, ten said it would be certain death if they tried to take the land the Lord had promised them. Just two men, great in their own way, stood against this evil report. Joshua and Caleb were truly “Followers Of The Almighty.” They looked at the challenge through the lens of the God in whom they believed. In their estimation, anyone standing against God had no defense whatsoever. If you’re following Jesus today, don’t be afraid of anyone because “Their Protection Is Gone!”


Dear Jesus,

Keep leading the way, I’m right behind You. No one I know of can stand against You! “Their Protection Is Gone!” Amen

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